Wicked Hearts Series

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Don’t touch the rich girls.

Those are the rules.

They come to Wicked every Spring Break, and I make it a rule to never get attached.

But this year, everything’s changed. 

That doe-eyed girl who used to watch me through the window of my tattoo shop is all grown up—and determined to make my life hell. What she doesn’t know is that beneath these tattoos is a seedy habit and a life of crime. 

Let’s face it, I’ve always had a hard time saying no. 

If I’m not careful, this girl will be my new addiction. 

And my ruin.


Don’t mess with the locals.

Those are the rules.

Every Spring Break my parents bring me to Wicked.

Every Spring Break I watch Logan through the window of his tattoo shop.




I was only thirteen the first time I laid eyes on him, but I’m not thirteen anymore. 

He thinks he’ll only corrupt me.

But I’ve got news for him. 

I’m not that delicate.

Coming February 2020



They call me dangerous.
Which is fine by me. It keeps everyone out.

Then some new girl walks into my shop and turns everything upside down. It started out physical until she becomes the one person standing between me and the future of my business.

Now this mysterious new girl has me right where she wants me—physically, mentally...and emotionally.


I’ve been burned before.
Now I look out for myself.

The last thing I expect is to inherit a tattoo shop run by the world’s scariest—and sexiest—business owner. If I were smart, I would cut him out and use the money to start a new life for myself—one free from the demons in my past.
But Murph’s hard eyes and gentle touch do something to me. It’s like he can see something no one else can, and no matter how hard I try, he won’t let me walk away.
If I want to save myself, I have to ruin him.
And to ruin him feels far more dangerous than what I’m running from.

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Coming June 2020


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